Every two years local and international mining companies get toghether to share and learn Rockmechanics experiences
and technology. In addition to the mining companies, academics for several international universities, and well
worldwide renowned specialists, provide to the attendees, technical lectures, aligned with the "Professionals Continous Education Programs" (Secretaría de Educación
Pública, México). During the Symposium technical exhibitors will display their latest technology and discuss the best ways
to solve geotechnical, and rockmechanics daily challenges.

Unfortunately, The III International Rockmechanics Symposium, ROCKANICS 2024 edition, has been rescheduled. Soon it will be announcing the new date. The event's program will include certified technical courses (Secretaría de Educación Pública, México), keynotes, networking, and social activities.
This year the III International Rockmechanics Symposium. "Embrace experience, envision the future", will be focus on the importance of sharing experiences
and knowledge to warranty the safety and the succes of the business.


Wayne Barnett, PhD. |

Keynote: Structural Geology in Mining – Past, Present, and Future.
Is a Principal Consultant, specialized in Structural Geology with more than 26 years of experience in mining and exploration.

Wayne provides structural geology review, training and guidance, and data collection on mining projects internationally.

Petrucio Santos Jr. PhD. |

Keynote: Geotechnical Failures in Mining Operations.
Dr. Santos Jr., is a civil engineer, with a master’s degree in civil engineering, and PhD in Civil Engineering in Structures and Geotechnics (University of Campinas, Brazil).

Dr. Santos is Associate Professor of Soil Mechanics at the Padre Anchieta School of Engineering (Brazil), and currently is technical manager with Macaferri for Latin America at the new products development.

Since 2006, Patrucio has published various articles presented in several international congresses and technical journals.

Jose Sepulveda MBA. |

Keynote: Borehole geophysics, use and abuse.
Jose is an expert in petrophysics and has been working in the field of borehole geophysics for over 20 years. He currently holds the position of Managing Director at Fox Services and works as a technical advisor for various companies worldwide, providing his expertise and experience for better data collection, analysis, and data management.

Alireza Azami, Ph.D. |

Keynote: Discrete Fracture Networks (DFN) in 2D and 3D Finite Element - Applications in Surface & Underground Excavations
Dr. Alireza Azami is a Geomechanics Specialist and Director of Business and Research at Rocscience. He holds his Ph.D. from McMaster University in Civil Engineering (Geomechanics) specializing in the field of Constitutive Modelling of Geomaterials. Since joining Rocscience in 2010, Dr. Azami has done research and development on renowned software solutions including Slide2, Slide3, RS2, RS3, and RSData. His work encompasses a wide range of areas, including seepage analysis, coupled hydromechanical analysis, constitutive modeling for rocks and soils, and the implementation of the shear strength reduction method across various material models in the FEM tools. Dr. Azami is also an instructor for workshops, webinars, Rocscience standard short courses, and customized course packages.

Fredy Henriqiez, Ph.D. |

Keynote: Stability software’s selection based on Failure Mechanisms “To use or not to use..."
Fredy Henriquez is a Geotechnical Engineer with postgraduate degrees in Geotechnical Engineering and over 25 years of experience in civil and mining geotechnical projects. His expertise spans from conceptual design levels to implementation, including pre-feasibility and feasibility stages. His experience covers soil and rock mechanics, specializing in the design and management of mining excavations, heap leach pads, and leachate ponds. His key areas of knowledge include field investigation, hydrogeology, characterization of hard and soft rocks, structural geology, slope stability analysis, and underground mining in tunneling and selective exploitation methods. Fredy has undertaken and managed diverse geotechnical projects for the mining industry in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, Chile, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, and Spain.

Nick Barton, Ph.D. |

Keynote: The Use and Misuse of the Barton Q System.
Dr. Barton has 50 years of experience from hundreds of rock mechanics and rock engineering projects in a total of 41 countries. He obtained a Ph.D. on rock slope stability from Imperial College, London in 1971. He has an Honoris Causa (Honorary Doctorate) award from the University of Cordoba, Argentina (2004), and is an ISRM Fellow since 2015.
He developed the well-known Q-system of rock mass characterization in 1974, and a non-linear shear strength criterion for rock joints in 1973/1982, now known as the Barton-Bandis criterion.
He worked for 25 years in the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, and later as technical adviser. He received the 6th ISRM Müller Award, given only once every four years for distinguished contributions to rock mechanics and rock engineering. He has received thirteen international awards between 1975 and 2021.
He is author/co-author of 350 papers in technical journals and conference proceedings, and author of a book on TBM Tunnelling in Jointed and Faulted Rock in 2000.



Raúl Demarini

Stability Analysis Using Slide 2D & 3D

In this course, you will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of Limit Equilibrium Modeling, as well as when and how to apply this method. You will also learn from experts about the best practices for using Rocsience, Slide 2D, and Slide 3D software. You will have the opportunity to discuss any issues you may have with specialists, who will help you clarify your doubts. Additionally, you can earn a professional certification in Slide 2D and 3D software use as part of your continuing education.

Wayne Barnett,

Structural Geology – Relevant Application in Mining

The objectives of the course will be to demonstrate why the application of structural geology is so important in mining. The course will provide the attendees the knowledge required to adequately observe and measure the relevant structural features, including fault and fold systems, and shear zones in mining. For 8 hours, Wayne will provide theoretical concepts combined with his practical experience. Take advantage of this opportunity of discussing your problem with a worldwide recognized Structural Geology practitioner.



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ROCKANICSTM is sponsored by ANTHILLTM (Instituto de Innovación y Desarrollo Tecnológico Minero S.C.)
Rockanics is focussed in promoting the culture and professional development of engineers and geologist in various disciplines
related with the engineering geology, hydrogeology and geology disciplines.